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In CCMS, you can create a simple feedback form with simple steps:

  1. Create a file with .form as extension. Either make a folder then create index.form inside, or make a file anyname.form in an existing folder.
  2. In the form, you should provide three sections. A sample script is like this:

    Test Form
    This is the header shown above the form, in markdown format.
    Thank you
    Thank you for submitting the form!

    The [FORM] and [THANKYOU] are keywords that divide the parts. So you must keep them.

  3. The first line under [FORM] is the email address which feedbacks would be sent to.
    After that, each line of text [FORM] represents a question. There are five fields separated by tabs.
    1. A letter representing that the control is a fieldset (S) or a field (F).
    2. The long description of the question.
    3. The name of the control (this is the name attribute used in the <input> element, so it must be a valid element name. (End of input for a fieldset)
    4. The data type that the answer expects. Possible values:
      1. STRING
      2. TEXTAREA
      3. PHONE
      4. EMAIL
      5. SELECT(OPTIONA|OPTIONB|OPTIONC|....) - Each option separated by a |
      6. CHECK
      7. RADIO(OPTIONA|OPTIONB|OPTIONC|....) - Each option separated by a |
      8. INT(A,B) - Accepts integers between A and B
      9. FLOAT(A,B) - Accepts any number between A and B
    5. The optional OPTIONAL parameter, stating that the question is optional

    An example:
    (Notes: Tabs are shown as >. Comments are indented and unnumbered lines. They are just for explaining how it works. You should not put any such comments in your code.)

  4. 1  Hello
    2  ======
    	(This is a header)
    3  This is a form
    5  [FORM]
    6  hello@world.com
    	(Answers would be sent to hello@world.com)
    7  S>Part 1>part1
    	(The first fieldset called part1 with legend "Part 1")
    8  F>Your name>name>STRING
    	(The first field "name". I expect a string, and it is not optional)
    9  F>Your age>age>INT(0,100)
    	(The second field "age". I expect an integer between 0 and 100)
    10 S>Part 2>part2
    	(So we have ended the first fieldset and started another.)
    11 F>How did you find us?>how_know>SELECT(YAHOO!|GOOGLE|MSN)>OPTIONAL
    	(We created a select box with 3 options, and it's optional.)
    12 F>How would you rate my site?>rate>RADIO(Wonderful|Good|OK|Bad|Just sucks)
    	(This would be 5 radio buttons)
    14 [THANKYOU]
    15 Thank you
    16 =======
    17 Thank you for your feedback and we will be in touch with you very soon.

    Putting it into work:
    Demonstration of the form in work

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