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0.9.6 - 5 Dec 2010

  • Added $ccms_list_directories. When it is set to false, directories and subsequent files are not listed on menu and only files remains. This is especially useful if you have a small, planar website and want to hide some files.

  • Fixed PHP Decoder so the scripts run on their own local directories, instead of the CCMS base directory. If your previous PHP scripts accesses some files in relative paths, they may get broken in this new version.

  • PHP Decoder now accepts Markdown output as well as HTML.

  • Update to Markdown Extra 1.2.4 which contains bug fixes and new features. For example, you can now embed markdown text into HTML block-level tags by setting markdown="1".

  • Added Form Decoder. Thanks Jisp Cheung for the contribution.

0.9.5 - 3 Jan 2008

  • Addition of Image and Random Image module

  • Fixing PHP4's problem with Gallery decoder

    (Strongly recommended: PHP5 w/ GD2 and register-global off)

  • Fixing a small bug in Navigation module

  • Rewrite of some demo documents

  • Huge addition of common file types

0.9.1 - 25 Nov 2007

  • Index pages now have URL ending with / mandatory (e.g. /Decoders Demo/ instead of /Decoders Demo), allowing relative URLs in the pages easier to be made.

  • Gallery decoder now ignores files starting with . (e.g. .DS_Store from Mac OS X)

  • Decoders and Modules made to ignore files with ccms_STH.STH2, where STH are alphabets / underscores and STH2 are alphabets.

  • Bundled Markdown Extra updated to 1.1.7. (No modification was required)

0.9.0 - 22 Aug 2007

  • My first version of CMS

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