Charray's Work

Meric Minecraft Server

Meric Minecraft Server is a survival and economic server.

Videos on FreeBSD 8 and Transactional Memory

My Youtube channel hosts some videos about setting up desktop and servers with FreeBSD 8. It is now a bit outdated as we have pkg. But the concept is mostly the same. The channel also hosts some of my presentations on transactional memory.

CCMS—Charray's CMS

CCMS aims to be clear. It uses plain files and provide meaningful paths to users. Meanwhile, it maximizes funcionalities without using database. Some of them, such as rearrangement of menu items, are absent in most of the file-based CMS systems.

S++—Servlet in C++

S++ is a standalone dynamic web server written in C++, which allows programmers to create dynamic web pages using C++ language. It aims at improving efficiency in coding and strength against malicious input, especially for small web applications. Besides, it has some unique features over existing dynamic web solutions.

Public Square

Public Square was once a online discussion forum for a few people.

My Academia

My homepage in HKU CS shows some of my academic publication and information.